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Success Story

Success Stories
Prior Experience Made The WTTA A Great Fit!

Prior to the WTTA, Blake worked 23 years in industrial maintenance at one location (13 years as a technician, 5 years as a manager, and 5 years as an operation engineer). When his employment came to an end as a result of the economic environment, he sought out an opportunity that aligned well with his background, provided a sense of excitement and enabled him to relearn skills that had not been utilized for some time. His experience with electrical, mechanical, plumbing and customer service, as well as interest in wind energy, made the WTTA extremely appealing and a great fit. After intense research into various wind technician programs, Kalamazoo Valley Community College's WTTA attributes were deemed to be superior to others. It also satisfied his important requirement to be close to home and family. Blake graduated from the fourth academy in December, 2011. Blake was hired by Enxco, almost immediately, after graduation in February, 2012, as an Entry Level Technician. After just 2-1/2 months of employment, he went to advanced training in California, took the highly challenging Senior Technician exam, passed it and was promoted to this position. He believes this fast track could not have been achieved without his training from KVCC's WTTA. Blake currently works in Michigan.