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Success Story

Success Stories
Certain he made the right choice!

Russell Tillery, a Battle Creek native who lives in Benton Harbor, is in the U.S. Naval Reserve. "I've had a few different jobs, but nothing I saw myself doing for a long time," Tillery said. "Overall, I think this academy was a great choice and the GI Bill made paying for class a lot easier. It helped out a lot," he said. Russell looked into other area police academies before settling on Kalamazoo Valley. "Kalamazoo Valley has a better hiring rate," he said. "The reputation speaks for itself." Tillery is certain he made the right choice. "The entire experience has been positive, all due to the command here," he said. "We received all the tools required to do the job and do it correctly." Upon graduation, Tillery was hired by the Chikaming Township Police Department.