Success Stories

Stryker Instruments

New engineers at Stryker Instruments were immediately more productive with specialized training in computer-aided engineering design software.

Balancing innovative design, ease-of-use, and manufacturability is the challenge of great industrial engineering. Yet Stryker Instruments has done just that for decades. The surgical instruments maker is known for creating innovative operating room products that improve the surgical experience —by developing instruments that are more reliable, more intuitive and less complicated to use.
Three-dimensional design software is essential to Stryker’s success. But few engineers graduate college proficient in computer-generated design. Fewer still use the brand and version of software Stryker Instruments has standardized on ―Pro/Engineer (Pro-E) Wildfire from PTC®. Stryker needed a training course to teach its new engineers Pro-E. In-house training wasn’t an option ― managers wanted professional trainers, ideally someone PTC certified. But PTC distributors were also ruled out because their courses were too expensive. And, their course curriculum taught the software’s full capabilities, which included components not relevant to Stryker designs.
Further requirements required the trainer to teach around Stryker’s schedule, which would have the least impact to the team’s project workload. And the class had to be on-site at the Instruments’ facility to meet software licensing constraints. This list of criteria made finding a course developer difficult. Stryker turned to KVCC’s the Groves Center for help. Within just a few weeks the Groves Center provided Stryker with a list of instructors from which to select. Stryker chose a PTC-certified trainer whose qualifications, availability and teaching style met their needs. Course content was built around the software components Stryker Instruments engineers’ use most often. Best of all, developing the program fit the company’s tight budget.
When the five-day course was complete, Stryker Instruments engineers were deemed 30% more productive.

We knew we didn’t want to train in house. We needed the kind of instructors that were used to doing this ―ideally someone certified by the software maker. And that’s exactly what the Groves Center provided us.
The cost of training through the Groves Center was very competitive compared to other programs.
As soon as they learn this, our engineers are immediately 30% more effective at their job.
This training is a must have for our engineers to be really effective. The five-day course teaches them everything they need to know to be immediately productive.
Engineering is critical because today’s medical devices are sophisticated and require technological expertise. To manufacture these in a timely manner and come up with designs that you know are going to work when you start manufacturing, 3D CAD software is critical.
This training has a great impact on the design and manufacturability of our products. Designing three-dimensionally ―seeing exactly what you’re going to get― that really helps us design innovation into our products.
Learning ProE software is daunting because there’s so much to it. But, the Groves Center’s instructor was well seasoned and handled are range of learning styles well.
The Groves Center developed the course with us, they found a trainer that met our criteria, and they delivered the training on site at our facility.
Most of these engineers are going to use this software every day that they are here. Their training is essential to our business.