Success Stories

Pfizer Global Supply

GMP-regulated companies benefit from a collaborative learning community.

When the learning leaders at Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) in Kalamazoo reached out to the Groves Center for lab technician training, they discovered that other local companies in similarly-regulated industries faced the same training and development challenges. PGS worked with the Groves Center to establish a collaborative community of like-minded learning leaders from large and small companies throughout the region. A common thread linking them is that each is regulated by Good Manufacturing Practices. Begun in 2010, the Learning Collaboration Community, as it became known, enables stakeholders to meet common business needs and increase core competencies by developing sustainable and measureable solutions. It allows members to benchmark across organizational boundaries and adopt best practices. And it provides better and more learning experiences than each organization could create and provide on its own. Many of the learning group’s successes have emerged from the networking and cross pollination of ideas members frequently exchange. But other successes have benefited the entire community. Technical writing, for example, is a common challenge. Each of the member organizations have activities that require tech writing, from developing procedures to writing technical reports to creating product manuals. When the group voiced this common challenge, the Groves Center created a list of writing resources readily available to all members. The Groves Center also created a tech writing training pilot program for one of the member companies. If successful, the course could be easily and cost-effectively adapted by others. When Stryker, another large anchor member of the community, brought in learning evaluation experts from Kirkpatrick Partners, it held the presentation at the Groves Center and generously opened to the Learning Collaboration Community. The community has been so successful that a similar quality community has emerged. This new network also benefits from the resources and expertise of the Groves Center.

Laura Eiler, Pfizer Global Supply, Operational Excellence, Technical Learning and Capability - Each of our organizations has a very strong learning team in its own right. Although there is always proprietary information that can’t be shared, when it comes to learning and performance improvement, there are many good practices that everyone can leverage. The Groves Center is an important focal point around which this exchange of ideas can occur. The Groves Center allows us to collaborate confidentially and to the benefit of everyone involved. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the Groves affording us the space to collaborate and meet.