Students and Alumni Graduating Class - June 2013

Wind Turbine Technician Academy Alumni

Graduating Class - June 2013

Shane Adams Nolan Brooke Josh Cheney Stacey Cox
Tyler Iteen Ryan Keeley Jack Kemler Brian Paxson
Curt Perrin Ray Rottarr Justin Stoneburner  


Graduates of the Wind Turbine Technician Academy have been employed by these companies:

  • Availon
  • Broadwind Energy
  • EDF - Renewable Services
  • Fuhrlaender North America
  • Gemini Energy Services
  • General Electric
  • Heron Wind Manufacturing
  • Infigen Energy
  • Ingeteam Inc.
  • Mitsubishi Power Systems
  • Next Era Energy Resources
  • Nordex
  • Northern Power Systems
  • Repower USA Corporation
  • Sky Climbers Wind Solutions
  • Upwind Solutions
  • Vestas Wind Systems
  • Wood Group
  • Xtreme Power