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Police Academy Program Eligibility

Program Eligibility

State law requires that a law enforcement officer candidate:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States of America.
  2. Have attained the minimum age as established by the hiring agency, which shall not be less than 18 years or as otherwise provided by law.
  3. Have no prior felony convictions (including expunged convictions).
  4. Possess good moral character as determined by a favorable comprehensive background investigation covering school and employment records, home environment, and personal traits and integrity. Consideration will be given to all law violations, including traffic and conservation law convictions, as possibly indicating lack of good moral character.
  5. Possess normal hearing, normal color vision, and normal visual functions and acuity in each eye correctable to 20/20. Be free from any of the impediment of the senses, physically sound, in possession of all extremities, and well developed physically, with height and weight in relation to each other as indicated by accepted medical standards.
  6. Be free from physical defects, chronic diseases, organic diseases, organic functional conditions, or mental or emotional instabilities which may tend to impair the efficient performance of a law enforcement officer's duties or which might endanger the lives of others or the law enforcement officer.
  7. Possess a valid Michigan vehicle operator's license.
  8. Candidates must pass the MCOLES Pre-Enrollment Physical Fitness test and reading and writing test. Test information can be found here. Physical Fitness testing must be completed no more that 180 days prior to beginning the Police Academy.

Pre-Service Candidates

Those who meet the above MCOLES enrollment requirements, have passed the state's pre-employment tests, and have acquired either a two or four year degree or will complete their degree at the conclusion of the academy, are eligible to compete for a seat in the KVCC Police Academy as a pre-service (self-sponsored) candidate.

Pre-Requisite Course Listing

MCOLES Employment Standards

MCOLES Standards Compliance

Information for Pre-Service Candidates