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Mechatronic Technician Academy Eligibility

Program Eligibility

The Mechatronic Technician Academy is designed to meet workforce challenges of the regional employers and support students interested in launching careers as technicians. The program meets the expectations of our students and their employer through close attention to the:

  • Skills and competencies required by employers. These are constantly monitored and incorporated so that graduates have the skills needed to hit the ground running.
  • Incorporating trends related to employability factors into the program application process.

Trainees must be accepted into the course. An application is required and can be downloaded here. Staff will review applications and contact references immediately. The applicant must take a math assessment and participate in an interview. To be eligible for admission to the course candidates must demonstrate they have the pre-requisite traits needed for success in the course and in gaining employment.

Pre-requisites for Success in the Academy
Instructors will provide complete instruction in the technologies used in the field. The student must bring these fundamental skills with them to the course.

  • mechanical aptitude
  • applied mathematics skills
  • ability to follow instruction
  • analytical skills
  • ability to work effectively in small teams
  • self-motivated/directed
  • ability to apply fundamental algebra skills to plan work and solve work related problems

Employability as a Mechatronic Systems Technician
Kalamazoo Valley Community College does not guarantee employment for graduates. Based on industry trends we have identified specific background characteristics that will seriously limit job opportunities in this industry, and traits that indicate high potential for hire.

  • Work ethic that includes commitment to on-time attendance, attention to detail, pride in a job well done, and a sense of urgency.
  • No convictions for violent crimes against a person within the last 10 years.
  • No convictions for drug related offenses in the last 7 years.