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Mechatronics Job Training, Kalamazoo, MI - Kalamazoo Valley Groves Center

Mechatronic Technician Training

The skill sets employed by a Mechatronics Technician are in high demand in industry. As manufacturing processes become more automated process become more important to the overall health of an organization. Machine downtime costs the company money, so it is their best interest to have qualified people on staff who are able to efficiently maintain, troubleshoot and repair equipment.

Mechatronics training is being offered through Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Groves Campus open enrollment in a modularized format. Typically classes are held for a one eight hour day per week for the duration of the course. Upon successful completion of the modules below, the trainee may be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement as a Mechatronics Technician through Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Groves Campus.



Electrical Safety - 8 hours

Basic Electrical - 32 hours

Advanced Electrical and Automated Control Concepts - 16 hours

Sensors and Automated Electromechanical Devices - 16 hours

Basic Mechanical - 8 hours

Precision Measurement - 8 hours

Machine Maintenance - 24 hours

Basic Fluid Power - 4 hours

Applied Fluid Power - 24 hours

Programmable Control Systems Troubleshooting - 8 hours

Programmable Control Systems Programming and Installation - 16 hours


For more information regarding these training topics please contact; Kate Miller 269-353-1257