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CNC Operator Academy - Kalamazoo Valley Community College

CNC Operator Academy

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The CNC Operator Academy is a 7 week competency-based, project-driven, career training program. Students will participate in structured classroom learning and hands-on practical application of skills in Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Machine Tool lab. During the course of the program, the class will all take part in producing a model Harley Davidson styled motor using the machines at KVCC.

This academy was created through work with the Advanced Manufacturing Career Consortium. The AMCC is a local group of 26 companies working together to increase the number of people interested and qualified to fill the jobs they have to offer.

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator is a person that mounts cutting tools, jigs and fixtures onto CNC machine tools and sets the machine parameters in preparation for the CNC machining process. To begin this activity is called set up. Once the machining process starts, the operator monitors the performance of the machine and tooling as production continues. During production, the operator loads and unloads parts and inspects them for conformance to specifications and may perform secondary operations on those parts as required.

This program provides the hands-on, practical opportunities to learn more about automated manufacturing processes and the products they produce. Today, companies require well-rounded operators with the technical skills and problem solving abilities to produce parts accurately and with little waste.

Credentials Earned

Certificate of Completion - The Certificate of Completion from Kalamazoo Valley Community College will be awarded to graduates based on written and practical examinations as well as adherence to the standards of the program.

Transcript of Competencies - Over the course of the program, specific competencies will be assessed. As skills are demonstrated by the students, a Transcript of Competencies will be signed by the certified instructors. At the conclusion of the program, the Transcript of Competencies will serve as a specific reference an employer can use to evaluate the student as a job candidate.