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AMCC Training Group Training Workgroup Goals

AMCC Training Workgroup

Training Workgroup Goals

Key Issue: The development of an advanced manufacturing, competency-based assessment and training model.

  1. Develop a competency-based assessment and training model for advanced manufacturing
  2. Determine priority positions:
    • Entry-level Production Technicians
    • Industrial Maintenance Technicians
    • Machinists and CNC Equipment Operators
    • Welders

Key Focal Point Results:

Entry-level Production Technician - Identify critical competencies required for successful employment

  • Follows safety and environmental guidelines
  • May identify and prepare raw materials for production
  • Sets up and adjusts production equipment
  • Operates and troubleshoots production equipment
  • Monitors manufacturing processes
  • Checks product quality; finishes the product
  • Performs minor maintenance on production equipment
  • Provides and analyzes production data for monitoring and reporting purposes
  • Participates in safety initiatives, process improvement, quality improvement, or product development teams
  • Interacts with other team members, engineers, production staff, supervisors, and customers to perform their job responsibilities

Based on the identified competencies, the Production Technician Academy curriculum was developed, reviewed by subject matter experts, and a 4.5 week Academy model was launched.

Following the same guidelines for curriculum development, two additional competency-based Academy model programs have been implemented. These programs can be reviewed in detail by clicking their names below:

Mechatronic Technician Academy

CNC Operator Academy



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