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AMCC Screening Group

AMCC Screening Workgroup

Screening Workgroup Goals

Key Issue: The development of a community-wide, talent-based screening tool

Develop a community-wide screening process that can be used to help identify individuals who exhibit the "deal-breaker" that make them ineligible for successful employment. Identified areas of ineligibility include:

  • Drug use
  • Poor attendance - not showing up
  • Lack of basic math and reading skills
  • Felony conviction for a violent crime
  • Lack of attention to safety and rules
  • Not a team player
  • Poor work ethic
  • No sense of urgency
  • Lack of general intelligence

Key Focal Points:

  1. Complete a screening matrix of tools currently being used by local employers in addition to commonly used assessment products known to be utilized throughout the state
  2. Assess those tools against the "deal-breakers", reliability and validity
  3. Develop a process that will include drug screening and background checks
  4. Identify a cost-effective assessment tool to address remaining characteristics that will meet the needs of employers
  5. Review assessment tool with employers
  6. Determine costs for assessment and how this will be paid
  7. Finalize implementation plan