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AMCC Recruitment Group

AMCC Recruitment Workgroup

Recruitment Workgroup Goals

Key Issue: How to recruit more candidates to manufacturing

  1. Assist local manufacturers in finding talent to fill open positions
  2. Identify ways to overcome the stigma associated with manufacturing
  3. Promote and create excitement about the career and employment opportunities available now and in the future by leveraging social media, local advertising, branding, and relationship building

Key Focal Points:

Broad Community - Including the unemployed market

  • Attract to "advanced manufacturing" positions in the area
  • Include those unemployed now to fill current positions - production, assembly, technical, maintenance, etc.
  • Hold an "advanced manufacturing" focused job fair at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

College Solution - Technical training, competency-based, skills certification model

  • Provide a technical training academy (ie. training group's focus)
  • Leverage on-campus services already in place (job boards, fairs, interview days onsite, etc.)
  • Target for future job fairs, provide and promote internships, etc.

High School Solution - Attract early on....manufacturing is cool!

  • Focus on the school guidance counselors first. Educate them!
  • Attract and educate students early about what advanced manufacturing entails and the career opportunities available
  • Develop a two-minute video attracting students to these types of career paths
  • Show parents the career path available with local manufacturing employers

Branding and Advertising - Career marketing campaign in Southwest Michigan

  • Member companies should be able to articulate why they are an employer of choice
  • Member companies can develop a company video promoting their culture and what it is really like to work there
  • Use social media to attract attention (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Develop a local media campaign to tell the advanced manufacturing story in West Michigan
  • Create a tag line (POP!) to draw attention..."We are on the grow"! Place on billboards and social media sites
  • Use characteristics of a great employee. Define (or make light of) what manufacturers are NOT looking for in an employee
  • Utilize the Kalamazoo Gazette/M-Live to highlight different companies who are currently hiring and need qualified candidates



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